Ideas and Products Require Care and Incubation

How Do We Work?

We have a number of different individuals and organizations in our toolbox to assist with all necessary venues of taking a product to market.




1. Discover

Ideas are prolific. We seek to find ideas that are novel in the marketplace and those that solve specific problems that humans are facing whether it is here in the United States or elsewhere in the world. Great products transcend boarders. It’s those types of products that we seek to nurture and put it’s time and energy into.

2. Design

Design is often defined as the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. We have created a team and network that is deep with sales, legal, financial, operational, websites, e-commerce, systems development, advertising and fulfillment experience. We know where to go and to whom to get virtually anything accomplished.




3. Build

This is an area where many get bogged down and spend all their resources to the point that there is very little left to market and sell. Our vast experience knows who can get things done, how much it should cost, what sort of margins make it worthwhile, how to protect intellectual property, etc. It’s all about experience and knowing where to go for what.

4. Launch

Having the correct margins going into a product is vital. The next decision is does the product require assistance in the form of getting into a specific sales channel or is the product applicable direct to a consumer? Either way, we have it covered and can assist in either or possibly both channels.




5. Market

We have deep roots in healthcare and consumer goods. Additionally, we have substantial contacts in the retail sector, wholesale, and direct to consumer venues, so no matter what market avenues are chosen. Simply put, we have the horsepower and experience to get the job done.

6. Support

Support is almost an evil word in today's world. Everyone loathes having to call or interact with any company for support. Our philosophy is to develop a back office system that is as seamless and efficient as possible in order to minimize the need for any significant support. Support is also a function of a product.