Bringing Viable Products to Market is Our Expertise

What We Offer

In short, we provide a digital venue full of resources and experience to turn ideas into products and then taking those products to market.




Some of Our Services
  •  Idea Refinement
  •  Product Procurement & Manufacturing
  •  Warehouse & Fulfillment
  •  Legal
  •  Intellectual Property
  •  Back Office Implementation
  •  Advertising & Marketing
  •  Web Design & E-Commerce
  • It’s all about getting product to market and getting it right on all the details in between. Again, the idea is typically the easy part. Bringing the idea to life and identifying the correct sales venue along with all the back office details, this is where UPD shines with an army of experts to help your company realize and leverage its goals.

  • Experience is everything. Knowing where to go for what prevents a lot of wrong turns along the way. Identifying the correct sales channel can be the difference between success and failure. Not protecting intellectual property can be an invitation to the knock offs and sharks that are navigating the various sales channels looking for easy prey. Accounting and fulfillment is a huge job. This is an area, if not handled correctly, can bury an organization. Once again, UPD has carefully calculated all of these details in its own businesses and now it’s extending this expertise to other worthy products and ideas.

  • Our success is a function of having made all the mistakes already so other organizations don’t have to do the same. Trial and error is certainly one form of learning but not the most efficient! Let UPD’s vast experience and expertise let your organization’s product(s) shine to their highest levels.